Mukhwas – Nature’s Mouth Freshener!


Do you suffer from bloating, indigestion, acid, heartburn, wind/gas, constipation ulcers etc? Many of these are common complaints at this time of year! But here is a remedy…

Every meal in an Indian home, cafe or restaurant is completed with a mixture
of seeds, herbs and spices to chew after meals and designed to kick start the digestion process.

The mixture is called “Mukhwas” – a mouth freshener made up of coriander seeds, fennel seeds, ajwain (carom seeds) sesame seeds and Indian bitter leaf, which is traditionally chewed after dinner. Ayurvedic research suggests that chewing activates a process that assists the digestive system and supports the absorption of goodness from our food. By eating Mukhwas after every meal you are assisting the digestive system back into good habits!

Mukhwas is readily available in local Indian shops across London. Try it and I really think that you will notice the changes!